Soft Shell Crabs- What You Should Know About These Crabs

There are just so many things you can during spring and early summer. You can plan to visit new places with the family or try the most famous soft shell crabs that appears in these seasons. These crab are pleasurable to eat, giving you the rich flavor you want without worrying about its sharp and thick shell. This is a kind of seafood that you're going to enjoy.

You can find these seafood in most Japanese restaurants and even in road-side seafood stalls. If you are now craving for this seafood, take time first to know what these leggy crabs are.

Soft shell crabs is part of the crab family. This is called blue crabs in U.S. that grow bigger than their shells. In order for them to continue growing, blue crabs shed their shell to make bigger and new ones. This would simply mean that they go through the molting process. This makes blue crabs a perfect treat for everyone who loves seafood.

To shed its old shell, soft shell crabs form a shell underneath. The crab swells and break its old shell slowly crawling out. This process can take up to ten minutes. After, the new soft shell starts to form. It will take few days for the newly shell to harden. This is the perfect time to catch soft shelled crabs from this site.

Most people want their soft shelled crabs cooked golden and crisp. Boiling them would also do, they will just fall apart. Since these crabs are very popular, you will want to make sure that you buy enough or eaten to the full before they're gone.  Read to gain more info about soft shell crabs.

For those who want something adventure before eating these crabs, you can go out and catch them on your own. There are different ways on how to catch soft shelled crabs. First, you can use a net and wade through the water and spot for molting crabs. Scoop it as soon as you see one. You can also use a male crab to attract female crabs. However, you'll have to place the male crab inside a cage and put it in the shallow water.

When you already have caught enough, you need now to clean the crab. It will not take you long to clean the crab, only if you know how. You have to start with removing the lungs, the head section and the apron of the crab. After removing all these sections, you can now decide what recipe you're going to try with these flavorful soft shelled crabs, view website here!

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